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Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. On this page you will find our position on the collection, processing and use of your information.

What personal information is collected and used?

Users of our site remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. Follow the general rules for Internet connections, the information contained in the system logs (such as IP address) is used by us for technical purposes related to the administration server.

Order processing required to fill a form in which you must provide contact information, with the user (eg e-mail). The information given in this form is used by us to make the necessary contacts with our users and to better customize our content presented to their needs and interests.

How information is protected?

The information is stored and processed by us with appropriate security measures that meet the requirements of Polish law.

Is the personal information provided is made available to other entities?

Nothing collected data about users are not disclosed to third parties.

Glossary of useful terms

The following descriptions are not strict definitions. Their purpose is only an approximation of certain terms used in this document.

  • cookie - a small piece of information stored by the server on the user's computer cookie.txt file that the server can read the next time you connect to your computer,
  • system log - this is the information that the user's computer server to communicate with each connection, may contain different information (such as IP number), which can be more or less precisely determine where there was a connection,
  • IP address - a unique number, which is usually assigned to each computer connected to the Internet, the IP address may be permanently connected to your computer (static) or assigned to it for the data connection (dynamic)

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